My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to you; my soul also, which you have rescued.

(Psalm 71:23)

Here at Pine Valley United Methodist church, music is very important to us and we believe that it is an important aspect of worship. We are constantly searching for what Jesus has to tell us through music. Being a hymn or more contemporary song, it speaks to our hearts from the hearts of those God inspired to write. Through the experiences of life together, come, share and search with us for Our Lord’s spirit on Sundays.

Praise Team Vision

Connect people to CHRIST and to one another by providing moments of worship that contain: a spirit of celebration, an atmosphere of prayer, a sense of mission/calling, and facilitate moments of life-transformation. All of this is possible when our worship is “presence-driven,” meaning that we desire the presence of God’s Spirit in every aspect of our worship, in the preparation and in the participation.

Who is included in the praise team?

The Praise Team includes vocalists, instrumentalists, and special music performers

Schedule Availability

Being a part of the praise team assumes that you are generally available on the weekends, as well as Wednesday evenings for rehearsal. Grace will certainly be shown to those who are unexplainably absent from rehearsal or Sunday mornings, however, please communicate as soon as possible to the director if you are unable to meet this requirement.

Spiritual Development

As those empowered to lead our church in worship both on and off the platform, it is expected that we are developing as closer disciples of Christ. We will create opportunities to learn and grow spiritually as a team, as well as individuals, in our understanding and practice of worship.

Skill Development

One of our core values is excellence. As a member of this team it is expected that you are constantly growing in your craft. None of us have arrived and we want to be a group of worshipers that offer God the best we have. As materials become available, the worship leader will pass along helpful web links, DVDs, articles, and even personal devotional thoughts to equip you to grow in your skills.


We desire to be a vulnerable and honest team that values constructive input. Please be prepared to accept constructive criticism from team members. While this can be difficult, the goal is always that we would continue to shine in service to God and improve as a team of musicians, singers, technicians and servants, even if it is uncomfortable.  As a member of this team, you commit to communicating responsively as well as responsibly. With all the people on the team, it is difficult to follow up well with everyone, so we expect that you take initiative with communication. Nearly all communication for the Praise Team happens through the app Remind, but we are sensitive to the fact that some may respond better to other forms of communication (i.e. Facebook, texting, etc.).  Alternate methods of communication should be pre-arranged between team members and the worship leader.

Rehearsals, Readiness, & Respect

Rehearsals are scheduled every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, unless otherwise stated.  If you simply want to show up at rehearsal without previously contacting the director, you may find that it has been canceled.  It is better to contact the director before attending a rehearsal. Rehearsals typically last 2 hours, or longer if learning new material. Please make every effort to be at rehearsal. This is not only so you can “know your chops,” but so that you may also have…

Readiness. There is far more to leading others in worship than knowing what chords to play during the key change. Rehearsals allow us to pray and talk about the heart of worship. This kind of readiness is fed by our spiritual anticipation of what God is going to do. The value of this is simply stated in the axiom: “Be ready to respond.” It’s impossible to accidentally trip into the presence of God.

Respect. This means that you commit to showing proper respect for other peoples’ time and possessions. We ask you to be professional and not “noodle” during down time, or while someone else is sound checking. The more professional we can be, the less time it will take. And if something doesn’t belong to you, don’t use it, unless you have permission.


Become a vocalist and support the choir in singing God’s praises.


Bring your talent for music and play it loud to honor our God.

Seasonal Cantata

Share your gifts with our community with seasonal specials.

Special Music

Sing music God has placed in your heart during our service.

Worship Ministry

See where you can learn to help lead others in worshiping our Lord and Savior.

Communion Stewards

Serve the elements for Holy Communion during the worship services.

Media Team

Assist digital and social media, public relations, and creative teams to select the appropriate media for their projects across different media platforms.

Sanctuary Design

Create and organize the Sanctuary to maintain a positive place for the congregation to accept God's love.

Ushers and Greeters

The usher serves as a “first representative” of Jesus Christ for a worship service.