The Youth Ministry of Pine Valley United Methodist Church inspires youth to walk with Christ. The ministry exists to connect, engage, and support all youth and their families while growing with Christ. We seek to give our youth courage to live the Word in their daily living and not just a mental knowledge of the Word. Our four focus areas are: Education, Ministry, Mission/Outreach, and Fellowship/Recreation.

Youth Fellowship Vision

To achieve our mission, Youth Fellowship’s vision is to remain faithful to the unchanging message of the Gospel and to present it clearly and dynamically in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

We are committed to using new methods for sharing the Good News and the Catholic faith which reflect the times we live in and the society we form part of.

Through various events and in a variety of ways, the Youth Fellowship community is engaged in sharing the basic gospel message (evangelization), to helping people grow in the Spirit (spirituality), to teaching the Catholic faith (catechesis and bible study), to providing a welcoming place to grow (community) and to  equipping youths to serve Jesus in the Church (apostolate).